Eric Smit

Smit is a natural story teller. A journalism veteran, he knows scores of anecdotes from the front lines. After attaining his university degree in Economics at the VU in Amsterdam and ending his professional squash career, Smit temporarily worked for an internet company in 1998. The year after that, the went from the world of business to that of journalism and started working at Quote, a Dutch business magazine. He published two best-selling books: De Broncode and Nina, de Onweerstaanbare Opkomst van een Powerlady. Nowadays, he is the pioneering founder of Follow the Money, the first independent investigative journalism platform in The Netherlands. In 2013, he — together with Jesse Frederik — won the Tegel award, one of the most prestigious awards for journalism in the country.

Gilbert Gooijers

Gilbert Gooijers is Managing Director and co-founder of CM Group. This company is an international player in the field of Mobile Messaging, Payments, Apps, Voice, and Ticketing. In his role, Gooijers manages the operational side of the company.

CM was founded in 1999 and has offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Amsterdam, The Hague, Enschede, and Breda. Gooijers founded CM when he was still just a student in Technical Business Administration at the TU Eindhoven. He has a lot of experience in the field of management, research and marketing. CM has won a number of prestigious awards, including the ‘Great Place to Work’, ‘Technology Fast 50’ and ‘Best Managed Company’ award. In 2015, Gooijers and his business partner Jeroen van Glabbeek were placed on places 54 and 55 of ‘wealthiest Dutch people under 40’ by the Quote 500 Junior.

Gregory Sedoc

Gregory Sedoc achieved some impressive results in the international athletics scene and worked at the Dutch Department of Defence for years. Growing up in Amsterdam, he already started working out at the local athletic club at a young age. In both 2003 and 2004, he became the Dutch champion in 60 meters indoor hurdling. In 2007, he became Dutch champion on the 60 meters hurdling for the fourth time; he then went on to become the European champion on the same length. For the past few years, Gregory Sedoc was one of the best Dutch athletes on the racing track. He participated in the Olympic Games in Athens and Beijing; as part of the Department of Defence Top Sports Section, he participated in the London Olympics. With his Olympic experience and military discipline, he knows more about power and passion than anyone!

DJ La Fuente

Also known as Job Smeltzer from Eindhoven, DJ La Fuente knew two things for sure when he was growing up: Before he turned 30, he’d be DJ and he’d own a red Ferrari. Thanks to his huge drive, enthusiasm and talent, he has by now fulfilled both dreams. He plays over 350 shows a year and performs on all large stages, both domestic and abroad; he has a whole team working for him in order to promote the La Fuente brand around the world; the Ferrari, meanwhile, is sitting on his driveway. In the meantime, he coaches a hockey team. For La Fuente, 100-hour work weeks are nothing out of the ordinary. In order to keep focused on the true values of life, he attributes a score to each day based on three core values: Love, quality and energy.

His shows are unique and coloured with atmosphere. A show in Morning Yellow or Dark Red, for example, fascinating and surprising the audience. In order to clear his head and get away from the day’s stress, he likes to drive his car around. What’s more, he likes to share that feeling: through the Make a Wish-foundation, he now shares his passion with chronically ill children by allowing them to come along for a ride in his red racing monster.